Monday, 26 July 2010


On saturday we had a great day at my first big all day crop for ages, everybody said they had a great time and lots stayed right to the end at 9.30pm...kept going by a fish and chip supper!!

As a result I have been asked to make these crops a regular thing and have today booked the next one for Sunday 22nd August.  For the girls that came along Saturday note that this one is on a Sunday and this is so we can have Imagine That papercrafts shop come to visit us.  Its just makes life alot easier for Emma to come on a day that the shop is closed and it benefits us as she can bring alot more with her than she could if the shop was open. The time is from 9.30am to 9.00pm...but you are free to come and go whenever, I am aware being Sunday some girls have to go to work the next day. The cost is still £10.00 that inc free tea/coffee/cakes etc all day.  We ordered a take away for people stopping all day and will do so again but it might not be fish and chips this time as I am pretty sure my shop does not open on sunday evenings so it will probably be pizza or chinese. You could bring extra food yourself, of course, if you dont fancy either of those. The other thing to mention is that it is not at the hall I had is now at St Marys church hall Benfleet,  which is just a few houses down from me if you have been to classes at my house before or just around the corner from the WRVS hall I had on Saturday. I am unable to book that hall in August so I am trying this other one instead.   Although its a crop if you are a cardmaker you are more than welcome as well....lots of the girls were doing cards as well as scrapping....everyone is welcome.

Lastly, I have to ask for payment when booking as I need to pay the church up front, so if you want to have a place reserved for you then email me on and I can tell you where and how to send the money.

For those that normally come to me for scrapbook classes Augusts kit will be there on that day, I have run out of weekends again in August and the last one is BH so I know alot of you will be busy or away still on hols.

Think thats all for now, let me know if you need anymore info.

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