Friday, 13 August 2010

Echo Park Summertime

Great title..."Summertime" I think not, the rain is lashing down so hard I can hardly hear myself!!  Where has our lovely hot August gone that we were promised!!  So I decided to post this layout I have just completed of sunny days when the boys were younger { now 23 and 16!!} and playing in the garden at our old house. 

Echo Park are a relatively new company from the States, started by the people behind My Minds of my favourites scrapbooking companys!!  It has a very different modern feel to it and not the sort of thing I would usually give a second look at...but sometimes you need to push yourself "outside the box" as they say and I am really glad I did.  The papers are quite bright and patterened but on the reverse they have more subtle patterns so one softens the other.  Everything on the page except the buttons/bazzill are from the range, they do a great set of die cut stickers for each range and there is a new one each month.  Summertime was the first one and as the colours went more with my photos thats the one I decided on.

I had enough left over to complete another layout and I will post that next time.

Have a great weekend..hopefully it will be a little drier but according to the weather man maybe not...oh well cant garden so will craft instead and off to Stamperama show on Sunday!!

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